Kruger National Park Travel Tours in South Africa

Kruger National Park Travel Tours in South Africa. Take part in trips lasting several days in and around the Kruger National Park.


Tours in South Africa - Kruger National Park Safaris and Tours

If you are interested in tours in and around South Africa, you will not be disappointed once your journey has ended. You will have to make the choice between a tour with your own car or with a private tour-guide. You will also be able to reach the larger cities within Southern Africa by plane, should you not want to drive the entire time. 

Many of our customers take a tour with their own rental car and can thus discover the rainbow country on their own. Visit the Kruger National Park, the beautiful Drankensberge, the Garden Route and the Cape of Good Hope.

In many travel magazines, South Africa is described as ''the world in one country''. Should your tour start near the Kruger National Park, you can discover the vast and beautiful wildlife of South Africa. The environment of the Kruger Park is very unique as well. Visit the wonders of nature on a scenic tour and find accommodation near beautiful landscapes and sceneries. Take a tour to God's window where you can enjoy a view of the beautiful Mozambique a neighbouring country of South Africa. The Blyde River Canyon is another highlight of the panoramic tour along with the Blyde River Dam, where crocodiles and hippos can be seen.

Travelling around South Africa should be a combination of exciting adventures and exciting safari tours. By choosing to take private guided tours, you have the advantage of having a ranger that has local knowledge of the area and due to his experience, you will probably see more wildlife than by driving on your own. Especially during night drives, you should take advantage of our services, since only a few tour operators have the rights to do so. You will not be permitted to drive into the Kruger National Park on your own at night.

We organize private tours all over South Africa, Zambia, Mozambique, Botswana and Namibia. Enjoy the diversity of Southern Africa in this way. You have the choice of many safari tours in various national parks throughout Southern Africa. You can choose between guided safari tours with overnight stays in hotels, lodges or guest houses. Cost-effective camping safaris are also very popular among adventurers. This will allow you to see the flora and fauna from up close.

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