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The most popular video ever taken at the Kruger National Park: Battle of Kruger. Watch buffalo, lions and crocodiles in action!


Krüger National Park Tiervideo - Südafrika Video aus dem Kruger Nationalpark - The Battle at Kruger 

The first video we want to show you is a fight between a buffalo and a herd of lions. The video is very exciting, because crocodiles also interfere in the action. The owner of the videos was extremely lucky to catch the entire action on video. It is, howerver, not exactly suitable for viewers with a faint heart. Spoiler Alert: The video has a good end!


Kruger National Park Video - 8 Minutes



The Battle at Kruger Video - Eye-Witness Reports - First video on this page
It all started one afternoon when we received a message by radio from my colleagues. Lions were present at the waterhole between the Pretoriuskop and Skukuza.

When we arrived there, we found seven lions lying near the dam. A large herd of buffalo drinking at the waterhole as well. All the lions were very young and inexperienced. An adult lioness was there and I did not think they would have the courage to attack the buffalo herd.

We decided with my clients to watch the buffalo and lions a while longer. The buffalo herd began to move in the directions where the lions were lyying. The lioness was hiding behind a rock, nearby where we had parked our vehicle.

The buffalo herd moved inexplicably in the direction of the lions. At the very front of the buffalo herd, there was also a young calf. The rest of the lions, that did not have any cover were fascinated by the situation.

One of the guests asked me what would happen. I told him based on my long experience, that the lions would leave the scene, as buffalo are too strong as a unit. I did not even finish the sentence, as a lion already started to approach the buffalo in a threatening attitude.

The front of the buffalo herd was around 20 to 30 meters away from the group of lions. The lead animal stopped suddenly as it recognized the danger and they moved quickly back in panic. The Lions saw their chance and attacked the weakest animal in the group - a young calf.

The Lions ran past the two adult buffalo and jumped on the calf. The calf was close to the water and the fight continued in the water. The rest of the buffalo herd quickly moved away from the water hole.

Now the famous video''The Battle at Kruger''began in earnest. The remaining lions were busy to pull the calf out of the water. Suddenly a giant crocodile from the water had captured a leg of the buffalo calf. A big fight between the lion and the crocodile began but the lion managed to pull the calf ashore. Five or six lions now dealt with the calf, which they had dragged back on land.

In the meantime, the buffalo herd had regrouped and moved back towards the water hole. A cloud of dust appeared as the buffalo herd came back.

The entire herd came to the aid of the calf. The first lion was trying to assert itself and a bull attacked the lion. The lion was flying high through the air and the other lions decided to give up on the calf. The calf got up and rejoined the group without major problems.

Those were incredible moments! But look at the video; it's indescribable!


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We hope you enjoy your time at the Kruger National Park. The two videos on this page are just a little taste what you will experience on your safari.

Your Kruger Park Team

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