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Videos of Wildlife in the Kruger National Park: Battle at Kruger video and many more pictures and films shot by tourists and travellers of the Kruger National Park in South Africa


Kruger National Park Videos - Impressions und Videos from the oldest and most popular National Park in South Africa

All videos were filmed in the Kruger Park and give a good impression of what wildlife you will experience during your trip to the Park. The videos are exciting as any modern thriller and show you moments you can experience at a safari in South Africa as well. Of course a lot of luck is required - you have to be at the right place at the right time.

But when one is patient, then you will experience beautiful scenes of the wilderness and many safari animals. While on safari, you should always watch out for signs of nature. When birds are excited, there is usually a leopard, honey badger or a wild cat in the area. At a waterhole, keep an eye on crocodiles as they slowly stalk a herd of antelopes drinking water. Remember, in most cases, the antelope will be attacked. In the wild, thirsty and unwary animals mostly pay with their lives!

Kruger National Park Videos from South Africa  

This video shows a battle between buffalos, lions and crocodiles. The safari video runs for about 8 minutes.

If you are seeing zebras running in high speed, then it may be that lions are active and are chasing the herd. In these moments, the observer becomes part of the action - these moments of sheer excitement will stay with you for a very long time.

Lions chase after a young Zebra at the Kruger National Park - South Africa
Zebra trying to Escape
  On our last safari, we heard a young zebra animal scream in agony. As an observer you always want to help, but cannot intervene in the action. A young zebra was cut off from the herd and lions were on the chase for about 15 minutes.

The young zebra was trying to reach its herd and finally managed to do so. The lions had bad luck this time and focused on other wildlife in the area.

The cries of the wild animals will stay with you for a long time - even after you have left the Kruger National Park. We will nerver forget the scenes of the chase and are happy that the young zebra survived.

When vultures are circling in the air, then have hyenas or wild dogs have made their prey. With luck, you will also be able to witness scenes, where hippos have developed maternal instincts and help young antelopes fight against its attackers.

A ranger from the Kruger National Park told us a story where a newborn antelope was lovingly mothered from a female lion. On  another adventure, he was at a waterhole where an elephant and his boys came to drink. A crocodile grabbed the trunk of the elephant, and a battle for life and death started. The elephant drew the crocodile on land and after a few heavy blows, the crocodile withdrew back to the water.

Leopard und Rhino at the Kruger National Park
Rhino and Leopard
  But there are also moments when a leopard is bored and relaxing on a wooden stump, when a rhino comes along and disturbs its peace.

You are not guaranteed to see the Big 5 all in one day, and you can count yourself extremely lucky to find two of the Big 5 in the same area.


While on safari at the Kruger National Park, we saw two wild boars attack the queen of the big cats - the leopard. We never thought that wild boars had that much courage!

The cat was resting and did not pay much attention to the wild boars. Only when a kudu showed up at the water hole, the leopard started to hide. 

Nothing happened on this occasion, but it was a full hour of pure excitement!

Wild Boars attack a leopard at the Kruger National Park - South Africa
Two boars attacking a leopard

We are sure that you will not resist the magic of the wilderness. The Kruger National Park - with its untouched nature, wild landscapes, and many wild animals - is a world apart. You will enjoy the wide open spaces and the infinite calm. The Kruger Park is indescribable and the experiences you will gain cannot be explained with a 1,000 words.

If you bring along your video camera, just follow the signs that nature is giving you and you will soon find action. This way, you will be able to shoot beautiful animal videos yourself. We wish you all the success on your trip.

If you have any questions, please contact us. We will gladly assist you!

Your Kruger Park Team

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