Kruger National Park Rules and Regulations

Kruger National Park Rules and Regulations as well as travel advice for your safari at the Kruger National Park.


Rules and Regulations at the Kruger National Park - South Africa

Like any national park in the world, the Kruger National Park has certain rules that everyone has to adhere to.

Every time during a safari, you see visitors who do not understand the dangers of the Kruger National Park. Some even step outside of their car to stretch their legs. This is very dangerous!

You should also be aware that there are many wild animals in the vicinity of the Kruger National Park. At one time, travellers were resting at the side of the road but were not aware that a herd of buffalo were close by. Even wild cats can hide in the dense bushes and high grass, and will be very difficult to spot. You will stand no chance! For these and other reasons, you must adhere to the rules of the park administration.

The rules of Kruger Park are there for the protection of visitors, the environment and wildlife.

Kruger National Park Rules and Regulations

Speed limit

The Kruger Park has many permanent speed trap and police officers are entitled to claim penalties. The speed limit in the park is 50 km/h on asphalt roads. On sand or gravel slopes a speed of 40 km/h is allowed.

The correct speed for wildlife viewing

We recommend that you drive 10 km/h slower than the speed limit as you will then see a lot more wild animals! Only when driving slowly, will you be able to find big cats or other small wild animals.


There are no traffic lights at the Kruger National Park. If you arrive on a two, three or four-stop, the vehicle that reached the intersection first, has right of way.


Be sensitive to wildlife. Radio, loud noise or shrill phone calls do not belong in a nature reserve. This is the home of the wildlife - you are only a visitor! 

Wild animals feeding

Do not feed wild animals! If you get caught, you will have to pay a fine as the animals lose their fear of humans. Many of these animals must be shot later, as they become a threat. Especially monkeys lose the repekt to people, if you offer them food. In their eyes, you are becoming submissive when you offer them food. He will lose respect and might attack you. An adult baboon has a fangs almost almost as big as those of a lion.

Vehicle doors

Always keep your doors locked. In the nature reserve ''Cape of Good Hope" baboons have developed the ability to open car doors!

Kruger National Park Rules

Leaving your car

Leaving your car is forbidden and is punishable by a fine. Also, sliding roofs and large window should be closed. Therefore, make sure that your rental car has a working air-conditioning unit.

You will only be able to get out of the car at the various camps located within the Kruger National Park. You will find signs showing the distance to the nearest camp at each intersection. You can also view the distance table on this website.

On the left, you can see a photo where a lady has left her vehicle. She has photographed some wild birds. This is forbidden and very dangerous!

Gas stations

Each camp has its own gas station! In Africa, you have to fill up at every opportunity, because one never knows where the next gas station is located!

Off-road driving

Driving off the premises is forbidden, because it would harm the environment. If you are interested in a 4x4 trail, you can contact us and we will send you information of our services.

Driving at night

After the sun has set, you must leave the park. Please refer to the opening times. The wild animals need their rest at night. Only a few tour operators have the permission for night safaris. Please contact us, should you wish to book a night safari.

Wild Animals

The wild animals will always have priority. Especially when approaching elephants, buffalo or rhinos, you should keep a safe distance! It can happen that elephants will block your path for several minutes or even hours. If you are rushing back to the gates during the evening, do not try and pass the herd of wild animals. Rather call the camp and let them know of your situation.

Flat tire or engine trouble

Wait in your car and call the park administration to send a breakdown service. Do not step outside of your car!

Taking Picutres

Please try to take photos without flash. Especially elephants are easily disturbed.

Day trips outside the Kruger Park - Bylde Canyon Nature Reserve - Warning

Blvde Canyon Nature Reserve Rules & Regulations
Bylde Canyon Nature Reserve

Visit Bylde Canyon Nature Reserve

Even outside the Kruger National Park dangers of wild animals occur. Those who think a swim in the beautiful River Dam Water Bylde is a good idea, will soon find some signs that warn of crocodiles and hippos. Here you can not swim, fish or take a canoe. Just keep away from the shore, even if the view is unique and very beautiful.

If you are interested in exploring this area, contact us to book a trip.

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Warnings near the Kruger National Park   Blyde Canyon Nature Reserve


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