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Kruger National Park Information and Travel Advice: Malaria prophylaxis, budget travel, rules and regulations of the Kruger National Park.


Experience the Big 5 and other wild animals in the wildlife at the Kruger National Park - Tips and Advice for game viewing - night drives and malaria.

Many tours begin at the Kruger National Park and then move along the Garden Route on the way towards Cape Town. Many visitors stay at the National Park for three to six days. In many cases, most visitors end their South Africa tour in Cape Town.

On the following page, we want to share a few tips so that you can enjoy your experience at the Kruger Park even more.

Kruger National Park Tips and Travel Advice
Attention: Hippos! - Street Signs and Warnings at the Kruger National Park
  If you have rented a car for your trip to the Kruger Park, you should be on the look out for hippos on the normal country roads. They often cross the roads - especially at night.

There are many waterholes outside of the national park - all of these are home to hippos. Hippos are very fast and you can reach a speed of up to 60 km/h!

Also, always keep to the specified speed limit. The communities surrounding the parks have discovered a new source of income and many roads have up to three speed traps within a 20km distance!

Day Safaris at the Kruger Park

Day safaris can be organized as a self-drive trip. Please make use of our services to get expert advice.

Night Safari

At night, you will not be able to visit the Kruger National Park on your own. By sunset, you must have arrived back at your camp. If you do not reach the gate on time, you have to expect substantial fines. Calculate your time so that you reach the exit in due time. Many accidents happen with animals just before the closing times because the visitors travel at 100 km/h roads in order to avoid fines. This approach in such a game-rich National Park of course the wrong approach - always plan ahead!

If you want to do the night safari, we have the authorization for night safaris. Please contact us and we will send you all the necessary information.

Kruger National Park Speed Traps

Rules in Kruger Park

What do I do if I have a flat tire? Are there speed traps in the park? Where is my accommodation situated? Many tips and travel advice can be found on the following page:


The biggest risk for malaria is during the South African summer when the Kruger Park has its rainy season. If you are having problems getting a malaria prophylaxis, it should not compromise your intention to visit the Kruger National Park. Follow the link below to read on how to avoid getting malaria.

More information on malaria and malaria prophylaxis can be found on the following page:

Containment of malaria risk

The malaria mosquito is active only at night. You must leave the park before sunset and use a hotel at a height of 700 meters above sea level. The mosquito is active only up to a height of 600 meters. For this purpose, there are a few places in the national park where no malaria mosquitos are active. After sunrise, you may visit the park again. Contact us and we will provide accommodation, that are not in the actual malaria area.


No doctor in Europe will advise you to refrain from malaria prophylaxis. If you fall ill, he would immediately lose his license. Find out in advance which advantages and disadvantages are associated with malaria prevention. In the end, it is your own decision and responsibility!


Should you decide to choose an accommodation within the Kruger National Park, it is highly recommended to go malaria prophylaxis - especially in the rainy season. If you cannot take these due to health reasons, you stay in higher areas (above 700 meters) during the night. In this case, you should also not partake in game drives during the night.


The following vaccinations are recommended:

• Diphtheria
• Tetanus
• Polio
• Hepatitis A
• Measles

Pregnant women and young children

If you are travelling with young children or someone who is pregnant, then we recommend several other national parks where there is no malaria risk present. Even with the proper prevention techniques, there is always a malaria risk. Furthermore, the malaria tablets have many side effects which might not be comfortable for small children and/or pregnent women. 


When travelling with small children, there are several national parks located in South Africa that have no malaria. These national parks are located in the area of Johannesburg, the Pilanesberg National Park or in the Garden Route of South Africa - the Addo Elephant Park. A Big 5 Safari is even possible in Cape Town. The park is located about 200 km from Cape Town. It is a private safari park that also accommodates for small children and you will be able to see Big 5 from up close. If you need more information, please contact us. We can also arrange your booking. We can also send you accommodation proposals, ranging from Cape Town to the Kruger Park. On special request, we will put together a complete round trip, which we will provide at no cost.

The best time in the Kruger National Park

The best time to go on safari in the Kruger National Park is during the South African winter. This is when the trees and shrubs have lost their leaves and the grass is low. During this time, it is much better to observe many wild animals. Since almost no rain falls in winter, most wildlife depend on water holes and are easily spotted there. Below are two pictures that shows you the difference between game viewing during the summer and in winter. In the summer, the surroundings look more stunning because of the green scenery, but it is not ideally suited for game viewing!

Click on each image to view it in its original size!

Safaris during the South African summer:
Summer Safari South Africa Kruger National Park
Safaris during the South African winter:
Winter Safari Kruger National Park South Africa


We always meet travelers who see little wildlife during their stay in the Kruger Park. Mostly, they want to break records and has want to see as many camps as possible. Despite speed limits, they drive recklessly and see very little of the wildlife.

On safari, you have to drive slowly. Drive at a speed of 20 to 30 km/h and you will have a greater chance to see many wild animals. Also, pay attention to the sounds of nature. If a flock of wild birds are very excited, there is a good chance that a preditor is close by. Vultures are also a good indication of where the action is at. 

Take your time when you are waiting at a water hole. Sometimes, you have to be patient but you will be rewarded and see many wild animals of the Kruger National Park.

When we go on a tour, we sometimes have seen the Big 5 on a stretch of 40km. Last year, we were with customers at a small water dam and watched a leopard for over an hour. Three other cars approached the water hole, and within a minute, they were gona again. They did not even notice the leopard. During this hour, we saw rhinos, giraffes and antelopes. Even three warthogs attacked the leopard! The leopard was probably relaxing and paid little attention! It was only as a kudu approached the water, that the leopard became active. But the Kudu sensed danger and disappeared.

Mountain Bike Safaris - Horseback Safaris - Triathlon

Even a mountain bike safari is possible on request - We offer the Olifants Rest Camp . You can also choose to participate in a walking or hoseback-riding safari at the Ant's Hill Lodge and the Ant's Nest. Anyone interested in a triathlon safari? - Contact us! 

Hot Air Balloon Safaris

Who would not enjoy a hot air baloon ride above the Kruger National Park to admire the way of the Big 5 from up high? Our tours start just after sunrise! You will see landscapes in the morning fog and many wild animals. If you have further questions about a tour on a hot air balloon, so please contact us. We will gladly send you more information.

Walking Safaris

You can also take a walking safari in the Kruger. The park administration, private camps and some game lodges offer seven Wilderness Trails, where you can experience the Big 5 and other wildlife up close. These trails are booked out months in advance. For each walking safari rangers are always ensuring for your safety. If you are interested in walking safaris, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Youth Travel

We offer travel packages for youth as well. These are situated all over South Africa - from Cape Town to the Kruger National Park. This kind of tour is offered as Kruger Park Camping Safari on our site and is available on a low budget. There is no age limit, and travellers range from 20 to 60 years old. However, each person will need to help with tasks during the trip such as cleaning and setting up tents. Tents and equipment are provided by the tour operators. Please contact us and we will send you all the necessary information.

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