Wildlife at the Kruger National Park - South Africa

Find information about the Kruger National Park and its wildlife. This nature reserve is the habitat of the Big 5 and many other wild animals in South Africa


The Kruger National Park is one of the few places in Africa where the wildlife has survived and is protected. It is also unique in the world because of its diversity! Here you can watch wildlife while enjoying a good infrastructure. View large wild animals of our planet is still living in their natural habitat.

Many endangered species like the white and black rhinoceros, lions, cheetahs, leopards, buffalo, honey badgers and wild dogs can be found in the Kruger National Park. With the help of many wildlife officers, the professional park management ensures for the smooth running of the park. The Park Authorities have their own fire department and employ many rangers who care about the welfare of wild animals.

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Kruger National Park Videos South Africa Safari Videos  

Click on the link below to view some of the most popular videos taken at the Kruger National Park. Some videos are not for the faint hearted.

Kruger National Park Webcams  

Furthermore, we have embedded webcam streams of the Kruger National Park in South Africa on our site. If you're lucky, you can watch animals drink at a waterhole live on webcam.

The Kruger National Park will have positive changes in the future to ensure a successful future - the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park. Since the boundaries of the Kruger Park have been opened to Zimbabwe and Mozambique, the habitat of the wildlife has been extended dramatically. The habitat of wild animals will be expanded from 16,000 sq km to 36,000 sq km.

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