Kruger National Park Opening and Closing Times

The opening and closing times of the Kruger National Park. These correspond to the main gate and the camps. Should you not adhere to these times, there will be severe fines.


Kruger National Park Opening Times

Below you will find the opening and closing times of the Kruger National Park. If you are staying at a camp within the Kruger National Park, you might have different opening times than the main gate - these are also displayed below. Should you not have left the park by the time it closes, you will face fines up to R1.000.

In fact, the opening and closing times are very simple. Just before sunrise the gates of the park open and just before sunset, the gates close!

  Gate opens at Camps open at Closing Times
January 5.30 4.30 18.30
February 5.30 5.30 18.30
March 5.30 5.30 18.00
April 6.00 6.00 18.00
May 6.00 6.00 17.30
June 6.00 6.00 17.30
July 6.00 6.00 17.30
August 6.00 6.00 18.00
September 6.00 6.00 18.00
October 5.30 5.30 18.00
November 5.30 4.30 18.30
December 5.30 4.30 18.30

Many accidents occur with vehicles hitting wild animals near the end of closing times. Plan ahead to ensure that you always arrive at the gates within time. Many tourists drive recklessy towards the end of the day in order to avoid paying a fine. Because many wild animals are always crossing the road, many accidents occur. You not only endanger your own life, but many wildlife such as antelopes have lost their lives this way. 

We would also like to point out, that the Kruger Park has its own police station. Every day, controls are made on the roads and there are many speed traps located all over the Kruger Park. The penalties for speeding are very high in South Africa.

If you have accommodation outside of the Kruger Park, we recommend that you try to arrive there before sunset. The raods near the Kruger National Park are not in the best conditions and there are many potholes. There street lights are also very poor - if at all present.

You should drive to the gates early in the morning. You will still have to fill out a form and pay the entrance fee. This will usually be up to 20 minutes to complete, depending on how many cars in front of the gate!

Your Kruger Park Team

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