James Steveson Hamilton Kruger National Park History

James Steveson Hamilton - Kruger National Park Ranger and Manager. Wildlife Protection of the Kruger National Park and its history.


James Steveson-Hamilton - History of the Kruger National Park

Hamilton was born in 1867 in Scotland. In South Africa, he served as an officer in the 6th Dragoon Guards.

With very little support and equipment, Hamilton started his office in the Kruger National Park. He was aware that with a few horses and only a few employees, it was almost impossible to monitor the entire reserve.

But with his great zest and strong will, he expanded the park in 1924. The Minister Piet Grobler officially declared the Kruger National Park as a protected area. This was James Steveson Hamilton's greatest success!

  James Stevenson Hamilton
Stevenson Hamilton Kruger National Park History
James Steveson Hamilton

His co-workers honored James Steveson-Hamilton, calling him ''Skukuza''- the man who changed everything. The main camp at the Kruger Park, was named ''Skukuza" in his honour as well.

James Steveson-Hamilton lived almost for half a century in the national park and retired in 1947 at a age of 80.

He lived another 10 years on his farm in the Kruger National Park and died in 1957 at the age of 90 years. His last wish was granted him, when his ashes were scattered over the mountain into the valley of Shirimantanga.

James Steveson-Hamilton Memorial Kruger National Park
Plaque commemorating Hamilton and his wife Hilda
Hamilton Rock Memorial
James Steveson-Hamilton Rock