Kruger National Park Safaris

Kruger National Park Safaris. Choose a unique travel package along with guides and accommodaiton alternatives in South Africa.


Safaris in Kruger National Park are always something special. It is a proper adventure in the wild of Africa. Our tours in the Kruger park are party off the tourist tracks in order to experience the animals even closer. Years of experience and local knowledge, we offer unique game viewing spots that bring you even closer the animals. All the tours and safaris that we recommend are worthwhile. If you want to take day trips in and around the national park, so we can provide you with many travel offers.

We would like to introduce the various types of safaris that are available at the Kruger National Park.

Kruger Park Camping Safari  

Camping Safari at the Kruger National Park

On the following page you will find very affordable camping safaris at the Kruger National Park. Experience the Big 5 and the famous Panorama tour. For more information about camping safaris, visit the following page:

Kruger Park Safari  

Kruger Safaris with accommodation

Here we offer a safari in the Kruger National Park, where you won't have to sacrifice on a proper accommodation. These accommodations offer room for two persons. The tour price also includes all meals. At the end of the safari tour, you will travel along the famous and popular Panorama Route. More information can be found here:

Parnorama Tour  

Kruger National Park Safari Tours

We also offer many  panoramic tours which drive past the following attractions and historic sites: Blyde River Canyon, God's Window, Bourke's Luck Potholes and the Tree Rondavels.

If you have interests in private game tours, visit the following site to find many more tips and information:

A safari trip is not purchased off the shelf. In most cases, it never works the way the last game drive went. Punctures, sunken roads or a herd of elephants, which can block your way for hours, are part of the adventure.

You will be awardedby seeing the beautiful wildlife of the Kruger National Park, which only a few people in this world will ever experience. After the tour, when you sit around the campfire in the evening, you will reflect back and be amazed by the sheer beauty of Africa. You will listen and hear the sounds of the bush and the lions roar. In the morning, when the mist reaches the park, you can hear the first wild animals wake up and when the glowing morning sun reaches the sky, you can hear the cries of monkeys, see vultures circling the sky, or watch the eagles on their raids.

The safaris that we offer are extremely varied. They have high standards and we try to achieve maximum comfort on our safari tours. We offer take day or overnight trips into the animal kingdom of the Kruger National Park. Our ranchers in the Kruger National Park have local knowledge and have the experience to know where to find the animals might be located.

The group size can determined by yourself, and the prices vary accordingly! If you want to take a privately guided safari tour, then this request is not a problem at all. Be enchanted by the Kruger National Park and take the trips that are offered on this site. We will gladly send you further travel offers on safaris in South Africa.

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