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It is said that angels had to take a break to take in the view of the Victoria Falls. One cannot blame them and UNESCO has declared the waterfalls World Heritage Site. About one million tourists visit the waterfalls each year - the most beautiful and most impressive waterfalls in the world. It is not just a waterfall, but a natural phenomenon. 

The natives in this region called the Falls the ''smoke that thunders". The thundering waters snarl and hiss as the mighty Zambezi unloads all his strength. The Zambezi has a width of 1708 meters and plunges 110 feet, before the river continues to run into a 50 meter wide bay. 

The famous fog rises to a height of 400 meters and is the biggest waterfall of Africa. The constant mist of water also ensures a tropical landscape and the flora around the falls are like a rain forest. Particularly beautiful are the rainbows which add colour to the waterfall and make for some stunning photos.

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