Rhino - Kruger National Park Big 5 Image Gallery

Pictures of Rhinos - one of the Big 5 wildlife animals that can be observed at the Kruger National Park on safari in South Africa.


You will be able to observe to types of rhinoceroses when visiting the Kruger National Park: The white rhino and the black rhino. The two rhino species have the same gray color, thus, the name of the black or white rhino is a misnomer. It dates from a time where the black rhino wallowed in mud and black rhinos in lighter mud. This is where the term white and black rhino originates from. It is also said, that the English have incorrectly translated the Afrikaans names for these rhinos. Both rhino species have a dark gray color!

In the wild, rhinos are nearly extinct. They only have a chance to survive in protected areas such as the Kruger National Park. It is estimated that about 5000 rhinos still live in unprotected areas. In the Kruger National Park, you will be able to observe about 9,000 white rhinos and 300 black rhinos.

Rhinos have no enemies in the wild. At times, lions or hyenas attack young, old or injured animals. But the only real animal to this Big 5 animal are humans. The horn is in demand in Asia as medicine and merchants pay huge sums on the black market. Poachers make the rhinos' lives very difficult. Even in the Kruger National Park, poaching can be a big problem at times!

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Rhinos Kruger Park South Africa Big 5   Rhino Pictures
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White Rhino
White Rhino South Africa Big 5
Black Rhino
Black Rhino South Africa Kruger National Park


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