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Pictures of Lions - one of the Big 5 wildlife animals that can be observed at the Kruger National Park in South Africa.


Lion can be found in most regions of the Kruger National Park. However, as is the case with most Big 5 animals, you will need a lot of luck to actually find them on your safari. Mostly, lions can be found near waterholes, waiting for they prey. They normally hunt in the early morning or during the night. The male lions are rarely involved in the hunt, but demand a lion's share. Only once the lion has had enough, the lioness and her cups may have their turn. During they day, lions are very hard to spot as they mostly lie in the shade or hide in high grass - they are not very active! 

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Kruger National Park Lions   Kruger National  Park Lions Big 5
Kruger National Park Lion Picture   Kruger Park Lions
Lions Kruger National Park Safari   Lion Kruger National Park Safari
Big 5: Lions Kruger Park   Lions at the Kruger National Park

Lions are social animals and stay in groups of up to 30 animals. Generally up to 5 male lions are included in the group. It is not uncommon that in-fighting arises. Young lions are fed by a lioness for two years. After about one year, the cups are actively involved in hunting.

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