Leopards - Big 5 Kruger National Park Image Gallery

Pictures of Leopards - one of the Big 5 wildlife animals that can be observed at the Kruger National Park in South Africa.


The following photos were taken on a safari in December 2010 during the rainy season of the Kruger National Park. Leopards are shy big cats and observed mainly in the evening or at night. In general, a leopard seeks its prey at night. Once he has caught and killed an animal, it will quickly be dragged up a tree and it will be eaten there. As there are many scavengers, he thus, avoids many fights. Leopards know that any injury will mean death in the wild. Therefore, leopards avoid fights at all costs and mostly leaves his catch behind. The biggest enemies of leopards are lions and hyenas.

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Kruger National Park Leopards South Africa Safari   Leopard Kruger National Park Pictures South Africa
Leopard Kruger National Park   Leopard Kruger National Park South Africa Safari Pictures
South Africa Safaris  Kruger National Park Leopards   Leopard on the Hunt: Kruger National Park South Africa Tour
Leopard Kruger National Park - Big 5   Big 5 Pictures: Leopard - Kruger National Park

If you want to spot leopards at the Kruger National Park, you will have to book a guided tour as leopards are mostly only seen at night. The pictures above are extremely rare occurrences. You will only be allowed into the Kruger National Park with an approved guide, and he will know exactly where to spot these beautiful wild cats. But as always, there is a certain amount of luck involved. Please contact us if you need more information and we will gladly assist you.

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