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Pictures of the Big 5 at the Kruger National Park: Lions, Buffaloes, Rhinos, Leopards and Elephants. View all images in large resolutions.


Click on each of the pictures to view more that that specific Big 5 animal. The leopard is a night hunter and rarely seen on a day safari. Buffalo herds can be seen in all parts of the Kruger Park. They prefer regions, where you will find enough food and water. Rhinos can be seen especially in the morning hours. During lunch time, they are tired and are hiding in the bush! Lions often stay close to dams, where many wild animals come to drink. It is there, that they find their prey!

Kruger National Park Leopard Pictures


The Leopard - the most beautiful wild cat in the world. Click on the following link to view the image gallery containing pictures of leopards taken at the Kruger National Park.

African Buffalo Kruger National Park Big 5


Here you will find many pictures of buffaloes. A buffalo is one of the most dangerous animals in Africa. Many hunters have made painful experience when confronting a buffalo.

The buffalo was extinct in South Africa and only gradually re-introduced at the Kruger National Park in recent times. For more information and pictures, follow this link:

Kruger Nationalp Park Rhino Image Gallery Big 5


Image Gallery of Rhinos: The Rhino can be very calm during the day but can also become very dangerous when confronted.

Should you find a rhino while on safari, we recommend that you keep a safe distance. More information and pictures can be found on the following website:

Kruger National Park Elephant Pictures  

Here you will find many more picture of elephants from the Kruger National Park. When visiting the Kruger Park, you will be able to find elephants in all regions of the park but mostly near rivers and waterholes.

An elephants needs about 350l water and 500kg food. Therefore, they are always on the move. More information and pictures can be found on the following page:

Lions Kruger National Park Pictures


Lions - when a lion growls, all other animals hide in fear. The lion is one of the biggest hunters in the Kruger National Park.

During the day, while it is still hot, the lion relaxes and sleeps. But as it gets cooler, the hunt begins! You will find more information and pictures of lions on the following page:

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