Zimbabwe Safari Tour Dates

Find the important tour dates for our Zimbabwe Safari. Please plan your holiday in Africa according to these dates.


Zimbabwe Safari Tour DatesZimbabwe Safari Tour: Botswana - Zambia - Zimbabwe - Tour Dates

On this page you will find all the important dates for the Zimbabwe Safari. This tour includes spending time in Livingstone at the Victoria Falls, - the Chinhoyi Höhlen - Harare - Chimanimani NP  - Matobo National Park - Johannesburg. The tour ends in Johannesburg. Please plan your holiday in South Africa according to these dates:

1st Quarter  
NVZJ BBC 1109 Start: 09-Feb-BBC   Ende: 20-Feb-BBC
NVZJ BBC 1117 Start: 09-Mar-BBC   Ende: 20-Mar-BBC
NVZJ BBC 1125 Start: 06-Apr-BBC   Ende: 17-Apr-BBC
2nd Quarter  
NVZJ BBC 1133 Start: 04-May-BBC  Ende: 15-May-BBC
NVZJ BBC 1141 Start: 01-Jun-BBC   Ende: 12-Jun-BBC
NVZJ BBC 1149 Start: 29-Jun-BBC   Ende: 10-Jul-BBC
3rd Quarter  
NVZJ BBC 1157 Start: 27-Jul-BBC    Ende: 07-Aug-BBC
NVZJ BBC 1165 Start: 24-Aug-BBC  Ende: 04-Sep-BBC
NVZJ BBC 1173 Start: 21-Sep-BBC  Ende: 02-Oct-BBC
4th Quarter  
NVZJ BBC 1181 Start: 19-Oct-BBC   Ende: 30-Oct-BBC
NVZJ BBC 1189 Start: 16-Nov-BBC  Ende: 27-Nov-BBC
NVZJ BBC 1197 Start: 14-Dec-BBC  Ende: 25-Dec-BBC












Camping Safari: Dates

NVZJ BBC 1205 Departs: 11-Jan-BBC Returns: 22-Jan-BBC
NVZJ BBC 1213 Departs: 08-Feb-BBC Returns: 19-Feb-BBC
NVZJ BBC 1221 Departs: 07-Mar-BBC Returns: 18-Mar-BBC
NVZJ BBC 1229 Departs: 04-Apr-BBC Returns: 15-Apr-BBC
NVZJ BBC 1237 Departs: 02-May-BBC Returns: 13-May-BBC
NVZJ BBC 1245 Departs: 30-May-BBC Returns: 10-Jun-BBC
NVZJ BBC 1253 Departs: 27-Jun-BBC Returns: 08-Jul-BBC
NVZJ BBC 1261 Departs: 25-Jul-BBC Returns: 05-Aug-BBC
NVZJ BBC 1269 Departs: 22-Aug-BBC Returns: 02-Sep-BBC
NVZJ BBC 1277 Departs: 19-Sep-BBC Returns: 30-Sep-BBC
NVZJ BBC 1285 Departs: 17-Oct-BBC Returns: 28-Oct-BBC
NVZJ BBC 1293 Departs: 14-Nov-BBC Returns: 25-Nov-BBC
NVZJ BBC 1301 Departs: 12-Dec-BBC Returns: 23-Dec-BBC

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