South Africa Tour Dates

Find the important dates for this South Africa Tour. Please plan your holiday in Southern Africa accordingly!


South Africa Tour Dates

South Africa Tour Dates: Johannesburg - Kruger National Park - Swaziland - Lesotho - Garden Route

On this page you will find the important dates for the South Africa tour starting in Johannesburg going al the way down to Cape Town via the Kruger National Park, Swaziland, Lesotho and the Garden Route. Please plan your holiday in South Africa according to these dates. Should you need assistance in booking national flights to Johannesburg, please contact us!

1st Quarter  
NAJC KBBC 1101 Start: 13-Jan-KBBC   End: 01-Feb-KBBC (G)
NAJC KBBC 1105 Start: 27-Jan-KBBC   End: 15-Feb-KBBC (G)
NAJC KBBC 1109 Start: 10-Feb-KBBC   End: 01-Mar-KBBC (G)
NAJC KBBC 1113 Start: 24-Feb-KBBC   End: 15-Mar-KBBC (G)
NAJC KBBC 1117 Start: 10-Mar-KBBC   End: 29-Mar-KBBC (G)
NAJC KBBC 1121 Start: 24-Mar-KBBC   End: 12-Apr-KBBC (G)
2nd Quarter  
NAJC KBBC 1125 Start: 07-Apr-KBBC   End: 26-Apr-KBBC (G)
NAJC KBBC 1129 Start: 21-Apr-KBBC   End: 10-May-KBBC (G)
NAJC KBBC 1133 Start: 05-May-KBBC  End: 24-May-KBBC (G)
NAJC KBBC 1137 Start: 19-May-KBBC  End: 07-Jun-KBBC (G)
NAJC KBBC 1141 Start: 02-Jun-KBBC   End: 21-Jun-KBBC (G)
NAJC KBBC 1145 Start: 16-Jun-KBBC   End: 05-Jul-KBBC (G)
NAJC KBBC 1149 Start: 30-Jun-KBBC   End: 19-Jul-KBBC (G)
3rd Quarter  
NAJC KBBC 1153 Start: 14-Jul-KBBC    End: 02-Aug-KBBC (G)
NAJC KBBC 1157 Start: 28-Jul-KBBC    End: 16-Aug-KBBC (G)
NAJC KBBC 1161 Start: 11-Aug-KBBC  End: 30-Aug-KBBC (G)
NAJC KBBC 1165 Start: 25-Aug-KBBC  End: 13-Sep-KBBC (G)
NAJC KBBC 1169 Start: 08-Sep-KBBC  End: 27-Sep-KBBC (G)
NAJC KBBC 1173 Start: 22-Sep-KBBC  End: 11-Oct-KBBC (G)
4th Quarter  
NAJC KBBC 1177 Start: 06-Oct-KBBC  End: 25-Oct-KBBC (G)
NAJC KBBC 1181 Start: 20-Oct-KBBC  End: 08-Nov-KBBC (G)
NAJC KBBC 1185 Start: 03-Nov-KBBC  End: 22-Nov-KBBC (G)
NAJC KBBC 1189 Start: 17-Nov-KBBC  End: 06-Dec-KBBC (G)
NAJC KBBC 1193 Start: 01-Dec-KBBC  End: 20-Dec-KBBC (G)
NAJC KBBC 1197 Start: 15-Dec-KBBC  End: 03-Jan-BBCC (G)
NAJC KBBC 1201 Start: 29-Dec-KBBC  End: 17-Jan-BBCC (G)





















NAJC BBCC 1202 Departs: 02-Jan-BBCC Returns: 21-Jan-BBCC
NAJC BBCC 1206 Departs: 16-Jan-BBCC Returns: 04-Feb-BBCC
NAJC BBCC 1210 Departs: 30-Jan-BBCC Returns: 18-Feb-BBCC (G)
NAJC BBCC 1214 Departs: 13-Feb-BBCC Returns: 03-Mar-BBCC
NAJC BBCC 1218 Departs: 27-Feb-BBCC Returns: 17-Mar-BBCC
NAJC BBCC 1222 Departs: 12-Mar-BBCC Returns: 31-Mar-BBCC (G)
NAJC BBCC 1226 Departs: 26-Mar-BBCC Returns: 14-Apr-BBCC
NAJC BBCC 1230 Departs: 09-Apr-BBCC Returns: 28-Apr-BBCC
NAJC BBCC 1234 Departs: 23-Apr-BBCC Returns: 12-May-BBCC (G)
NAJC BBCC 1238 Departs: 07-May-BBCC Returns: 26-May-BBCC
NAJC BBCC 1242 Departs: 21-May-BBCC Returns: 09-Jun-BBCC
NAJC BBCC 1246 Departs: 04-Jun-BBCC Returns: 23-Jun-BBCC (G)
NAJC BBCC 1250 Departs: 18-Jun-BBCC Returns: 07-Jul-BBCC
NAJC BBCC 1254 Departs: 02-Jul-BBCC Returns: 21-Jul-BBCC (SP)
NAJC BBCC 1258 Departs: 16-Jul-BBCC Returns: 04-Aug-BBCC (G)
NAJC BBCC 1262 Departs: 30-Jul-BBCC Returns: 18-Aug-BBCC
NAJC BBCC 1266 Departs: 13-Aug-BBCC Returns: 01-Sep-BBCC
NAJC BBCC 1270 Departs: 27-Aug-BBCC Returns: 15-Sep-BBCC (G)
NAJC BBCC 1274 Departs: 10-Sep-BBCC Returns: 29-Sep-BBCC
NAJC BBCC 1278 Departs: 24-Sep-BBCC Returns: 13-Oct-BBCC
NAJC BBCC 1282 Departs: 08-Oct-BBCC Returns: 27-Oct-BBCC (G)
NAJC BBCC 1286 Departs: 22-Oct-BBCC Returns: 10-Nov-BBCC
NAJC BBCC 1290 Departs: 05-Nov-BBCC Returns: 24-Nov-BBCC
NAJC BBCC 1294 Departs: 19-Nov-BBCC Returns: 08-Dec-BBCC (G)
NAJC BBCC 1298 Departs: 03-Dec-BBCC Returns: 22-Dec-BBCC
NAJC BBCC 1302 Departs: 17-Dec-BBCC Returns: 05-Jan-  
NAJC BBCC 1306 Departs: 31-Dec-BBCC Returns: 19-Jan-(G)


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