Lesotho Swaziland Kruger Park Tour Dates

Find all the important dates for this South Africa Safari from Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg via Lesotho, Swaziland and the Kruger National Park.


South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland and the Kruger Park Tour Dates Tour Dates: Port Elizabeth - Lesotho - Swasiland - Kruger Park - Johannesburg: Live South Africa!

Here you will find all the important dates for the South Africa Tour: from Port Elizabeth  towards Johannesburg via Lesotho, Swaziland and the Kruger National Park. Please plan you holiday in South Africa according to these dates. Should you need a flight back to Cape Town after the tour has ended, we can gladly assist you!

1st Quarter  
NPJ KBBC 1106 Start: 16-Jan-KBBC    End: 29-Jan-KBBC
NPJ KBBC 1110 Start: 30-Jan-KBBC    End: 12-Feb-KBBC
NPJ KBBC 1114 Start: 13-Feb-KBBC    End: 26-Feb-KBBC (G)
NPJ KBBC 1118 Start: 27-Feb-KBBC    End: 12-Mar-KBBC
NPJ KBBC 1122 Start: 13-Mar-KBBC    End: 26-Mar-KBBC
NPJ KBBC 1126 Start: 27-Mar-KBBC    End: 09-Apr-KBBC (G)
2nd Quarter  
NPJ KBBC 1130 Start: 10-Apr-KBBC    End: 23-Apr-KBBC
NPJ KBBC 1134 Start: 24-Apr-KBBC    End: 07-May-KBBC
NPJ KBBC 1138 Start: 08-May-KBBC   End: 21-May-KBBC (G)
NPJ KBBC 1142 Start: 22-May-KBBC   End: 04-Jun-KBBC
NPJ KBBC 1146 Start: 05-Jun-KBBC    End: 18-Jun-KBBC
NPJ KBBC 1150 Start: 19-Jun-KBBC    End: 02-Jul-KBBC (G)
3rd Quarter  
NPJ KBBC 1154 Start: 03-Jul-KBBC     End: 16-Jul-KBBC
NPJ KBBC 1158 Start: 17-Jul-KBBC     End: 30-Jul-KBBC
NPJ KBBC 1162 Start: 31-Jul-KBBC     End: 13-Aug-KBBC (G)
NPJ KBBC 1166 Start: 14-Aug-KBBC   End: 27-Aug-KBBC
NPJ KBBC 1170 Start: 28-Aug-KBBC   End: 10-Sep-KBBC
NPJ KBBC 1174 Start: 11-Sep-KBBC   End: 24-Sep-KBBC (G)
NPJ KBBC 1178 Start: 25-Sep-KBBC   End: 08-Oct-KBBC
4th Quarter  
NPJ KBBC 1182 Start: 09-Oct-KBBC    End: 22-Oct-KBBC
NPJ KBBC 1186 Start: 23-Oct-KBBC    End: 05-Nov-KBBC (G)
NPJ KBBC 1190 Start: 06-Nov-KBBC   End: 19-Nov-KBBC
NPJ KBBC 1194 Start: 20-Nov-KBBC   End: 03-Dec-KBBC
NPJ KBBC 1198 Start: 04-Dec-KBBC   End: 17-Dec-KBBC (G)
NPJ KBBC 1202 Start: 18-Dec-KBBC   End: 31-Dec-KBBC

* German Translator (G) 

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us - we will gladly assist you! 

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