South Africa Tour Dates

Here you will find the set South Africa Tour Dates. Please plan your holiday accordingly.


South Africa Tour DatesSouth Africa Tour - Dates

Below you can find the set tour dates for this South Africa tour. Please plan your holiday accordingly! The tour starts in Cape Town and ends in Johannesburg. Should you want to book a rental car at the end of the tour or take a flight back to Cape Town, we will gladly assist you! Please contact us.

Tour Dates

NCJ GGJH 1210 Departs: 09-Jan-GGJH Returns: 28-Jan-GGJH (G)
NCJ GGJH 1214 Departs: 23-Jan-GGJH Returns: 11-Feb-GGJH
NCJ GGJH 1218 Departs: 06-Feb-GGJH Returns: 25-Feb-GGJH
NCJ GGJH 1222 Departs: 20-Feb-GGJH Returns: 10-Mar-GGJH (G)
NCJ GGJH 1226 Departs: 05-Mar-GGJH Returns: 24-Mar-GGJH
NCJ GGJH 1230 Departs: 19-Mar-GGJH Returns: 07-Apr-GGJH

NCJ GGJH 1234 Departs: 02-Apr-GGJH Returns: 21-Apr-GGJH (G)
NCJ GGJH 1238 Departs: 16-Apr-GGJH Returns: 05-May-GGJH
NCJ GGJH 1242 Departs: 30-Apr-GGJH Returns: 19-May-GGJH
NCJ GGJH 1246 Departs: 14-May-GGJH Returns: 02-Jun-GGJH (G)
NCJ GGJH 1250 Departs: 28-May-GGJH Returns: 16-Jun-GGJH
NCJ GGJH 1254 Departs: 11-Jun-GGJH Returns: 30-Jun-GGJH
NCJ GGJH 1258 Departs: 25-Jun-GGJH Returns: 14-Jul-GGJH (G)

NCJ GGJH 1262 Departs: 09-Jul-GGJH Returns: 28-Jul-GGJH
NCJ GGJH 1266 Departs: 23-Jul-GGJH Returns: 11-Aug-GGJH
NCJ GGJH 1270 Departs: 06-Aug-GGJH Returns: 25-Aug-GGJH (G)
NCJ GGJH 1274 Departs: 20-Aug-GGJH Returns: 08-Sep-GGJH
NCJ GGJH 1278 Departs: 03-Sep-GGJH Returns: 22-Sep-GGJH
NCJ GGJH 1282 Departs: 17-Sep-GGJH Returns: 06-Oct-GGJH (G)

NCJ GGJH 1286 Departs: 01-Oct-GGJH Returns: 20-Oct-GGJH
NCJ GGJH 1290 Departs: 15-Oct-GGJH Returns: 03-Nov-GGJH
NCJ GGJH 1294 Departs: 29-Oct-GGJH Returns: 17-Nov-GGJH (G)
NCJ GGJH 1298 Departs: 12-Nov-GGJH Returns: 01-Dec-GGJH
NCJ GGJH 1302 Departs: 26-Nov-GGJH Returns: 15-Dec-GGJH
NCJ GGJH 1306 Departs: 10-Dec-GGJH Returns: 29-Dec-GGJH (G)
NCJ GGJH 1310 Departs: 24-Dec-GGJH Returns: 12-Jan-AAFG

Tour Dates

1st Quarter  
NCJ KHHA 1106 Start: 10-Jan-KHHA    End: 29-Jan-KHHA
NCJ KHHA 1110 Start: 24-Jan-KHHA    End: 12-Feb-KHHA
NCJ KHHA 1114 Start: 07-Feb-KHHA    End: 26-Feb-KHHA (G)
NCJ KHHA 1118 Start: 21-Feb-KHHA    End: 12-Mar-KHHA
NCJ KHHA 1122 Start: 07-Mar-KHHA    End: 26-Mar-KHHA
NCJ KHHA 1126 Start: 21-Mar-KHHA    End: 09-Apr-KHHA (G)
2nd Quarter  
NCJ KHHA 1130 Start: 04-Apr-KHHA    End: 23-Apr-KHHA
NCJ KHHA 1134 Start: 18-Apr-KHHA    End: 07-May-KHHA
NCJ KHHA 1138 Start: 02-May-KHHA   End: 21-May-KHHA (G)
NCJ KHHA 1142 Start: 16-May-KHHA   End: 04-Jun-KHHA
NCJ KHHA 1146 Start: 30-May-KHHA   End: 18-Jun-KHHA
NCJ KHHA 1150 Start: 13-Jun-KHHA    End: 02-Jul-KHHA (G)
NCJ KHHA 1154 Start: 27-Jun-KHHA    End: 16-Jul-KHHA
3rd Quarter  
NCJ KHHA 1158 Start: 11-Jul-KHHA     End: 30-Jul-KHHA
NCJ KHHA 1162 Start: 25-Jul-KHHA     End: 13-Aug-KHHA (G)
NCJ KHHA 1166 Start: 08-Aug-KHHA   End: 27-Aug-KHHA
NCJ KHHA 1170 Start: 22-Aug-KHHA   End: 10-Sep-KHHA
NCJ KHHA 1174 Start: 05-Sep-KHHA   End: 24-Sep-KHHA (G)
NCJ KHHA 1178 Start: 19-Sep-KHHA   End: 08-Oct-KHHA
4th Quarter  
NCJ KHHA 1182 Start: 03-Oct-KHHA    End: 22-Oct-KHHA
NCJ KHHA 1186 Start: 17-Oct-KHHA    End: 05-Nov-KHHA (G)
NCJ KHHA 1190 Start: 31-Oct-KHHA    End: 19-Nov-KHHA
NCJ KHHA 1194 Start: 14-Nov-KHHA   End: 03-Dec-KHHA
NCJ KHHA 1198 Start: 28-Nov-KHHA   End: 17-Dec-KHHA (G)
NCJ KHHA 1202 Start: 12-Dec-KHHA   End: 31-Dec-KHHA
NCJ KHHA 1206 Start: 26-Dec-KHHA   End: 14-Jan-GGJH


















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