Tour Dates | Lesotho & Garden Route

These are the set Lesotho & Garden Route Tour dates. Please plan your holiday in South Africa accordingly.


Garden Route Tour from Durban to Cape TownLesotho & Garden Route - Experience South Africa - Tour Dates

On this page you can find the set tour dates for this Lesotho & Garden Route Tour. Please plan your holiday in South Africa accordingly. Should you need assistance in booking a national flight to Durban or hiring a rental car, we will gladly assist you!

Tour Dates -  Lesotho & Garden Route Tour

NADC KKKJ 1202 Departs: 09-Jan-KKKJ Returns: 21-Jan-KKKJ
NADC KKKJ 1206 Departs: 23-Jan-KKKJ Returns: 04-Feb-KKKJ
NADC KKKJ 1210 Departs: 06-Feb-KKKJ Returns: 18-Feb-KKKJ (G)
NADC KKKJ 1214 Departs: 20-Feb-KKKJ Returns: 03-Mar-KKKJ
NADC KKKJ 1218 Departs: 05-Mar-KKKJ Returns: 17-Mar-KKKJ
NADC KKKJ 1222 Departs: 19-Mar-KKKJ Returns: 31-Mar-KKKJ (G)

NADC KKKJ 1226 Departs: 02-Apr-KKKJ Returns: 14-Apr-KKKJ
NADC KKKJ 1230 Departs: 16-Apr-KKKJ Returns: 28-Apr-KKKJ
NADC KKKJ 1234 Departs: 30-Apr-KKKJ Returns: 12-May-KKKJ (G)
NADC KKKJ 1238 Departs: 14-May-KKKJ Returns: 26-May-KKKJ
NADC KKKJ 1242 Departs: 28-May-KKKJ Returns: 09-Jun-KKKJ
NADC KKKJ 1246 Departs: 11-Jun-KKKJ Returns: 23-Jun-KKKJ (G)

NADC KKKJ 1250 Departs: 25-Jun-KKKJ Returns: 07-Jul-KKKJ
NADC KKKJ 1254 Departs: 09-Jul-KKKJ Returns: 21-Jul-KKKJ (SP)
NADC KKKJ 1258 Departs: 23-Jul-KKKJ Returns: 04-Aug-KKKJ (G)
NADC KKKJ 1262 Departs: 06-Aug-KKKJ Returns: 18-Aug-KKKJ
NADC KKKJ 1266 Departs: 20-Aug-KKKJ Returns: 01-Sep-KKKJ
NADC KKKJ 1270 Departs: 03-Sep-KKKJ Returns: 15-Sep-KKKJ (G)
NADC KKKJ 1274 Departs: 17-Sep-KKKJ Returns: 29-Sep-KKKJ

NADC KKKJ 1278 Departs: 01-Oct-KKKJ Returns: 13-Oct-KKKJ
NADC KKKJ 1282 Departs: 15-Oct-KKKJ Returns: 27-Oct-KKKJ (G)
NADC KKKJ 1286 Departs: 29-Oct-KKKJ Returns: 10-Nov-KKKJ
NADC KKKJ 1290 Departs: 12-Nov-KKKJ Returns: 24-Nov-KKKJ
NADC KKKJ 1294 Departs: 26-Nov-KKKJ Returns: 08-Dec-KKKJ (G)
NADC KKKJ 1298 Departs: 10-Dec-KKKJ Returns: 22-Dec-KKKJ
NADC KKKJ 1302 Departs: 24-Dec-KKKJ Returns: 05-Jan-KKHG

1st Quarter  
NADC HBBN 1101 Start: 20-Jan-HBBN End : 01-Feb-HBBN (G)
NADC HBBN 1105 Start: 03-Feb-HBBN End: 15-Feb-HBBN (G)
NADC HBBN 1109 Start: 17-Feb-HBBN End : 01-Mar-HBBN (G)
NADC HBBN 1113 Start: 03-Mar-HBBN End : 15-Mar-HBBN (G)
NADC HBBN 1117 Start: 17-Mar-HBBN End : 29-Mar-HBBN (G)
NADC HBBN 1121 Start: 31-Mar-HBBN End : 12-Apr-HBBN (G)
2nd Quarter  
NADC HBBN 1125 Start: 14-Apr-HBBN End : 26-Apr-HBBN (G)
NADC HBBN 1129 Start: 28-Apr-HBBN End : 10-May-HBBN (G)
NADC HBBN 1133 Start: 12-May-HBBN End : 24-May-HBBN (G)
NADC HBBN 1137 Start: 26-May-HBBN End : 07-Jun-HBBN (G)
NADC HBBN 1141 Start: 09-Jun-HBBN End : 21-Jun-HBBN (G)
NADC HBBN 1145 Start: 23-Jun-HBBN End : 05-Jul-HBBN (G)
3rd Quarter  
NADC HBBN 1149 Start: 07-Jul-HBBN End : 19-Jul-HBBN (G)
NADC HBBN 1153 Start: 21-Jul-HBBN End : 02-Aug-HBBN (G)
NADC HBBN 1157 Start: 04-Aug-HBBN End : 16-Aug-HBBN (G)
NADC HBBN 1161 Start: 18-Aug-HBBN End: 30-Aug-HBBN (G)
NADC HBBN 1165 Start: 01-Sep-HBBN End : 13-Sep-HBBN (G)
NADC HBBN 1169 Start: 15-Sep-HBBN End : 27-Sep-HBBN (G)
NADC HBBN 1173 Start: 29-Sep-HBBN End : 11-Oct-HBBN (G)
4th Quarter  
NADC HBBN 1177 Start: 13-Oct-HBBN End : 25-Oct-HBBN (G)
NADC HBBN 1181 Start: 27-Oct-HBBN End : 08-Nov-HBBN (G)
NADC HBBN 1185 Start: 10-Nov-HBBN End : 22-Nov-HBBN (G)
NADC HBBN 1189 Start: 24-Nov-HBBN End: 06-Dec-HBBN (G)
NADC HBBN 1193 Start: 08-Dec-HBBN End: 20-Dec-HBBN (G)
NADC HBBN 1197 Start: 22-Dec-HBBN End : 03-Jan-KKKJ (G)


















*with translator (G) German.

If you have any further questions, please contact us. We will gladly assist you in booking a rental car or a national flight to get you safely to Durban for the start of this Lesotho, Garden Route tour.

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