Experience Namibia Tour Dates

These are the set Experience Namibia Tour Dates - please plan your holiday in Africa accordingly.


Experience Namibia SafariExperience Namibia Safari & South Africa Tour

On this page you will find all the important set dates for the "Experience Namibia" Safari Tour. Please plan your holiday according to these dates. The tour starts in Cape Town and ends in Windhoek. Should you need a rental car or a flight back to Cape Town, we will gladly arrange it for you.


NACW KVVV 1209 Departs: 04-Jan-KVVV Returns: 15-Jan-KVVV (G)
NACW KVVV 1211 Departs: 11-Jan-KVVV Returns: 22-Jan-KVVV
NACW KVVV 1213 Departs: 18-Jan-KVVV Returns: 29-Jan-KVVV
NACW KVVV 1214 Departs: 22-Jan-KVVV Returns: 02-Feb-KVVV (G)
NACW KVVV 1215 Departs: 25-Jan-KVVV Returns: 05-Feb-KVVV

NACW KVVV 1217 Departs: 01-Feb-KVVV Returns: 12-Feb-KVVV (G)
NACW KVVV 1219 Departs: 08-Feb-KVVV Returns: 19-Feb-KVVV
NACW KVVV 1221 Departs: 15-Feb-KVVV Returns: 26-Feb-KVVV
NACW KVVV 1222 Departs: 19-Feb-KVVV Returns: 01-Mar-KVVV (G)
NACW KVVV 1223 Departs: 22-Feb-KVVV Returns: 04-Mar-KVVV
NACW KVVV 1225 Departs: 29-Feb-KVVV Returns: 11-Mar-KVVV (G)

NACW KVVV 1227 Departs: 07-Mar-KVVV Returns: 18-Mar-KVVV
NACW KVVV 1229 Departs: 14-Mar-KVVV Returns: 25-Mar-KVVV
NACW KVVV 1230 Departs: 18-Mar-KVVV Returns: 29-Mar-KVVV (G)
NACW KVVV 1231 Departs: 21-Mar-KVVV Returns: 01-Apr-KVVV
NACW KVVV 1233 Departs: 28-Mar-KVVV Returns: 08-Apr-KVVV (G)

NACW KVVV 1235 Departs: 04-Apr-KVVV Returns: 15-Apr-KVVV
NACW KVVV 1237 Departs: 11-Apr-KVVV Returns: 22-Apr-KVVV
NACW KVVV 1238 Departs: 15-Apr-KVVV Returns: 26-Apr-KVVV (G)
NACW KVVV 1239 Departs: 18-Apr-KVVV Returns: 29-Apr-KVVV
NACW KVVV 1241 Departs: 25-Apr-KVVV Returns: 06-May-KVVV (G)

NACW KVVV 1243 Departs: 02-May-KVVV Returns: 13-May-KVVV
NACW KVVV 1245 Departs: 09-May-KVVV Returns: 20-May-KVVV
NACW KVVV 1246 Departs: 13-May-KVVV Returns: 24-May-KVVV (G)
NACW KVVV 1247 Departs: 16-May-KVVV Returns: 27-May-KVVV
NACW KVVV 1249 Departs: 23-May-KVVV Returns: 03-Jun-KVVV (G)
NACW KVVV 1251 Departs: 30-May-KVVV Returns: 10-Jun-KVVV

NACW KVVV 1253 Departs: 06-Jun-KVVV Returns: 17-Jun-KVVV
NACW KVVV 1254 Departs: 10-Jun-KVVV Returns: 21-Jun-KVVV (G)
NACW KVVV 1255 Departs: 13-Jun-KVVV Returns: 24-Jun-KVVV
NACW KVVV 1257 Departs: 20-Jun-KVVV Returns: 01-Jul-KVVV (G)
NACW KVVV 1259 Departs: 27-Jun-KVVV Returns: 08-Jul-KVVV

NACW KVVV 1261 Departs: 04-Jul-KVVV Returns: 15-Jul-KVVV (SP)
NACW KVVV 1262 Departs: 08-Jul-KVVV Returns: 19-Jul-KVVV (G)
NACW KVVV 1263 Departs: 11-Jul-KVVV Returns: 22-Jul-KVVV
NACW KVVV 1265 Departs: 18-Jul-KVVV Returns: 29-Jul-KVVV (G)
NACW KVVV 1267 Departs: 25-Jul-KVVV Returns: 05-Aug-KVVV (SP)

NACW KVVV 1269 Departs: 01-Aug-KVVV Returns: 12-Aug-KVVV
NACW KVVV 1270 Departs: 05-Aug-KVVV Returns: 16-Aug-KVVV (G)
NACW KVVV 1271 Departs: 08-Aug-KVVV Returns: 19-Aug-KVVV (SP)
NACW KVVV 1273 Departs: 15-Aug-KVVV Returns: 26-Aug-KVVV (G)
NACW KVVV 1275 Departs: 22-Aug-KVVV Returns: 02-Sep-KVVV
NACW KVVV 1277 Departs: 29-Aug-KVVV Returns: 09-Sep-KVVV

NACW KVVV 1278 Departs: 02-Sep-KVVV Returns: 13-Sep-KVVV (G)
NACW KVVV 1279 Departs: 05-Sep-KVVV Returns: 16-Sep-KVVV (SP)
NACW KVVV 1281 Departs: 12-Sep-KVVV Returns: 23-Sep-KVVV (G)
NACW KVVV 1283 Departs: 19-Sep-KVVV Returns: 30-Sep-KVVV
NACW KVVV 1285 Departs: 26-Sep-KVVV Returns: 07-Oct-KVVV
NACW KVVV 1286 Departs: 30-Sep-KVVV Returns: 11-Oct-KVVV (G)

NACW KVVV 1287 Departs: 03-Oct-KVVV Returns: 14-Oct-KVVV (SP)
NACW KVVV 1289 Departs: 10-Oct-KVVV Returns: 21-Oct-KVVV (G)
NACW KVVV 1291 Departs: 17-Oct-KVVV Returns: 28-Oct-KVVV
NACW KVVV 1293 Departs: 24-Oct-KVVV Returns: 04-Nov-KVVV
NACW KVVV 1294 Departs: 28-Oct-KVVV Returns: 08-Nov-KVVV (G)
NACW KVVV 1295 Departs: 31-Oct-KVVV Returns: 11-Nov-KVVV

NACW KVVV 1297 Departs: 07-Nov-KVVV Returns: 18-Nov-KVVV (G)
NACW KVVV 1299 Departs: 14-Nov-KVVV Returns: 25-Nov-KVVV
NACW KVVV 1301 Departs: 21-Nov-KVVV Returns: 02-Dec-KVVV
NACW KVVV 1302 Departs: 25-Nov-KVVV Returns: 06-Dec-KVVV (G)
NACW KVVV 1303 Departs: 28-Nov-KVVV Returns: 09-Dec-KVVV

NACW KVVV 1305 Departs: 05-Dec-KVVV Returns: 16-Dec-KVVV (G)
NACW KVVV 1307 Departs: 12-Dec-KVVV Returns: 23-Dec-KVVV
NACW KVVV 1308 Departs: 16-Dec-KVVV Returns: 27-Dec-KVVV (G)
NACW KVVV 1309 Departs: 19-Dec-KVVV Returns: 30-Dec-KVVV
NACW KVVV 1311 Departs: 26-Dec-KVVV Returns: 06-Jan-KGBN


1st Quarter  
NACW BBC 1105 Start: 05-Jan-BBC End : 16-Jan-BBC (G)
NACW BBC 1107 Start: 12-Jan-BBC End : 23-Jan-BBC
NACW BBC 1109 Start: 19-Jan-BBC End : 30-Jan-BBC (G)
NACW BBC 1111 Start: 26-Jan-BBC End : 06-Feb-BBC
NACW BBC 1113 Start: 02-Feb-BBC End : 13-Feb-BBC (G)
NACW BBC 1115 Start: 09-Feb-BBC End : 20-Feb-BBC
NACW BBC 1117 Start: 16-Feb-BBC End : 27-Feb-BBC (G)
NACW BBC 1119 Start: 23-Feb-BBC End : 06-Mar-BBC
NACW BBC 1121 Start: 02-Mar-BBC End: 13-Mar-BBC (G)
NACW BBC 1123 Start: 09-Mar-BBC End : 20-Mar-BBC
NACW BBC 1125 Start: 16-Mar-BBC End : 27-Mar-BBC (G)
NACW BBC 1127 Start: 23-Mar-BBC End : 03-Apr-BBC
NACW BBC 1129 Start: 30-Mar-BBC End : 10-Apr-BBC (G)
2nd Quarter  
NACW BBC 1131 Start: 06-Apr-BBC End : 17-Apr-BBC
NACW BBC 1133 Start: 13-Apr-BBC End : 24-Apr-BBC (G)
NACW BBC 1135 Start: 20-Apr-BBC End : 01-May-BBC
NACW BBC 1137 Start: 27-Apr-BBC End : 08-May-BBC (G)
NACW BBC 1139 Start: 04-May-BBC End : 15-May-BBC
NACW BBC 1141 Start: 11-May-BBC End : 22-May-BBC (G)
NACW BBC 1143 Start: 18-May-BBC End : 29-May-BBC
NACW BBC 1145 Start: 25-May-BBC End : 05-Jun-BBC (G)
NACW BBC 1147 Start: 01-Jun-BBC End : 12-Jun-BBC
NACW BBC 1149 Start: 08-Jun-BBC End : 19-Jun-BBC (G)
NACW BBC 1151 Start: 15-Jun-BBC End : 26-Jun-BBC
NACW BBC 1153 Start: 22-Jun-BBC End : 03-Jul-BBC (G)
NACW BBC 1155 Start: 29-Jun-BBC End : 10-Jul-BBC (SP)
3rd Quarter  
NACW BBC 1157 Start: 06-Jul-BBC End : 17-Jul-BBC (G)
NACW BBC 1159 Start: 13-Jul-BBC End : 24-Jul-BBC
NACW BBC 1161 Start: 20-Jul-BBC End : 31-Jul-BBC (G)
NACW BBC 1163 Start: 27-Jul-BBC End : 07-Aug-BBC (SP)
NACW BBC 1165 Start: 03-Aug-BBC End : 14-Aug-BBC (G)
NACW BBC 1167 Start: 10-Aug-BBC End : 21-Aug-BBC (SP)
NACW BBC 1169 Start: 17-Aug-BBC End : 28-Aug-BBC (G)
NACW BBC 1171 Start: 24-Aug-BBC End : 04-Sep-BBC (SP)
NACW BBC 1173 Start: 31-Aug-BBC End : 11-Sep-BBC (G)
NACW BBC 1175 Start: 07-Sep-BBC End : 18-Sep-BBC
NACW BBC 1177 Start: 14-Sep-BBC End : 25-Sep-BBC (G)
NACW BBC 1179 Start: 21-Sep-BBC End : 02-Oct-BBC (SP)
NACW BBC 1181 Start: 28-Sep-BBC End : 09-Oct-BBC (G)
4th Quarter  
NACW BBC 1183 Start: 05-Oct-BBC End : 16-Oct-BBC
NACW BBC 1185 Start: 12-Oct-BBC End : 23-Oct-BBC (G)
NACW BBC 1187 Start: 19-Oct-BBC End : 30-Oct-BBC
NACW BBC 1189 Start: 26-Oct-BBC End : 06-Nov-BBC (G)
NACW BBC 1191 Start: 02-Nov-BBC End : 13-Nov-BBC (SP)
NACW BBC 1193 Start: 09-Nov-BBC End : 20-Nov-BBC (G)
NACW BBC 1195 Start: 16-Nov-BBC End : 27-Nov-BBC
NACW BBC 1197 Start: 23-Nov-BBC End : 04-Dec-BBC (G)
NACW BBC 1199 Start: 30-Nov-BBC End : 11-Dec-BBC
NACW BBC 1201 Start: 07-Dec-BBC End : 18-Dec-BBC (G)
NACW BBC 1203 Start: 14-Dec-BBC End : 25-Dec-BBC
NACW BBC 1205 Start: 21-Dec-BBC End : 01-Jan-KVVV (G)
NACW BBC 1207 Start: 28-Dec-BBC End : 08-Jan-KVVV






































*with translator (G) German,  (SP) Spanish

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will also gladly organise flights and rental cars for you.

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