Shamwari Game Reserve

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Shamwari Game Reserve Eastern Cape

Welcome to the Shamwari Game Reserve

On a 25,000 hectare nature reserve you can make your dream holiday in Africa come true. The area has five eco-systems and offers a great diversity of flora and fauna.

The Shamwari Game Reserve is home to the famous Big 5 (elephant, buffalo, leopard, lion and rhino).

It lies in a malaria-free area between Port Elizabeth and Grahamstown, about a day's drive from Cape Town and thus located on the extended path of the famous Garden Route tour towards Eastern Cape.

Shamwari Game Reserve Luxus Lodges Südafrika Lodgen Garden Route Rundreisen
Luxurious Lodges in Shamwari
Mehrer Safaris im Shamwari Wildreservat Südafrika Kapstadt Touten zur Garden Route bei Port Elizabeth
Day and Night Safaris

The reserve has won numberous international awards. It offers seven lodges - all with different equipment and for different budgets. The accommodations are equipped with luxury and love.

Those who do not have time to visit the Kruger National Park should think about spending a few days at the Shamwarie Game Reserve - the best choice in South Africa. The luxury lodges are lined up like pearls on a necklace - one more beautiful than the other!

Summary of our Accommodation: Luxury Lodges

  • Bayethe Lodge - 12 Luxury-tents
  • Eagles Crag - 9 Suites
  • Lobengula Lodge - 6 Suites
  • Long Lee Manor - 18 Suites & Guestrooms
  • Bushmans River Lodge - 4 Guestrooms
  • Riverdene Lodge - 9 Guestrooms
  • Sarili Lodge - 5 Suites
Shamwari Game Reserve Tagessafaris Südafrika Rundreisen Garden Route Touren
Day Trips in Shamwari
Shamwari Game Reserve Tages Safaris Tagesbesucher Safari Angebote
Day Safari

Day Trips: Safari at the Shamwari Game Reserve

You can also experience a safari even if you have not booked an accommodation at the Shamwari Game Reserve. These tours run at set times. As our day safaris are booked well in advance, we ask to contact us before travelling.

After the safari, you can dine at the restaurant. You should also visit our shop where we offer many gifts and souvenirs that you can bring back home to family and loved ones.

Summary of our Accommodation on the Shamwari Game Reserve

Shamwari Game Reserve Bayethe Lodge  

Information on the Bayethe Lodge

  • Bayethe Lodge


Shamwari Game Reserve Eagles Crag Lodge  

On the following site you will find inforamtion and photos of the Eagles Crag Lodge:

  • Eagles Crag Lodge
Shamwari Game Reserve Riverdene Lodge Südafrika Luxus Lodges und Safaris  

The following accommodation is suited for families with children.

  • Riverdene accommodation for families
Südafrika Safaris mit Kindern in malariafreien Wildparks Shamwari Sarili Lodge     

The Sarili Lodge offers an entire program just for kids. They will experience the Big 5 in their own playful way while also learning about the history of the region and its animals. This accommodation is ideal for families with young children.

  • South Africa safari with children at the Sarili Lodge
Kinder Safaris im Shamwari Game Reserve in Südafrika - Long Lee Manor Lodge  

This accommodation is suited to smaller groups or bigger families. It can house up to 38 guests and has a spectacular presence.

  • Long Lee Manor
Shamwari Game Reserve Lobengula Lodge  

An accommodation offering pure elegance in a classic African style. Find more information on the following section:

  • Lobengula Accommodation
 Bushmans River Lodge Shamwari Game Reserve Malariafreier Wildpark in Südafrika  

The Bushmans River Lodge is a Victorian property and offers a lot of privacy as only 4 double-rooms are available. This lodge is ideal for small groups or bigger families. 

  • Bushmans Riverlodge
Shamwari Game Reserve Karten Südafrika Maps Kapstadt Garden Route Touren Anreise Anfahrtsbeschreibung  

Here you will find maps & information about the region of the Shamwari Game Reserve.

  • Karten

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